France to recognize Palestine if deadlock with Israel not broken

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  1. Dan.w says:

    It’s amazing how in 1974,the fake fuel shortage had everyone standing in line,hat in hand for a couple of gallons of gas.Remember how people were saying fossil fuel is almost depleted.Now,the market is glutted,driving prices down.Just like the first ‘crisis’was manufactured,so I believe this is too.My belief is this is to destabilize nations and the attempt at uncoupling the dollar as world currency,breaking the ‘petro-dollar set up’ that Nixon used to replace the gold standard in 1973.We are seeing the world being set up for a [leader]who will save the nations read’anti-christ’,from their ills.How close we must be to Jesus coming for us who love Him.God bless all you who cling to Jesus..our only hope.

  2. How simply they can get away with the evil doings they have done. We all know that God’s wrath is upon the people who do evil in God’s eyes. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ do Come! We will be watching just as God wanted us to do. In Jesus Christ Name,Amen.