Franklin Graham: Media Didn’t Understand ‘God-Factor’ in Election Outcome

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  1. danw says:

    We are so blessed.Thank you God for Rev Graham and his correct Biblical stand and boldness.Thank you Father also for the ‘turn of events’ that have the left and God haters reeling in total confusion.Please make ‘the Donald’your arrow in your quiver.Let him humbly see himself at your feet,being used by you for your Holy purposes.Make him untouhcable by evil in all its configurations.Let the wicked’s plans fall on their own head.I pray a great awakening sweep this nation,like we have never seen before.Make the first two pale in comparison,and bring a great ingathering of ‘new saints’ into the fold.Make all of us who trust you,bold as lions,unable to put anything before you when we speak of you.Make your message yours..clear,plain,and straight.Let all we touch become a blessing to others for your name sake.Let Jesus be seen in each of us,so the world may ask..?What must I be saved?IN Christ’s name,Amen.