Georgia: Members of heavily armed black militia shout “Alhamdulillah

5 Responses

  1. JOHN CORREA says:

    Black militias marching in a threatening way trying to incite violence with fully automatic machine guns just because they may have a legal permit to carry should be outlawed on the grounds of national security. Inciting a riot or inciting others to violence. One thing is to peacefully carry a weapon if you have a legal permit, and entirely different to have a large group of aggressive people marching, chanting muslim slurs in arabic, looking for a shootout. Someone please hold our local authorities accountable before this escalates and innocent people get hurt or killed, WHICH IS ALREADY HAPPENING BUT IS NOT REPORTED.

  2. John Correa says:

    Carrying fully automatic weapons in public in a militant fashion like the Black militias, even holding a permit, is never a peaceful demonstration!!! It is inciting violence, inciting a wa!! If the authorities do not act on the basis of existing laws and national security concerns, we have a God given duty to protect our families from these muslim, marxist, anarchists!! So help us God!

  3. dan.w says:

    You have to wonder…are these the black militia’these are not protesters’..from the recently released emptied prisons..just for this chaos event by soros and his fellow satanic idiots?..We are not afraid..but we are not falling into their [trap]..that they want.which fighting each other as the planned smokecreen,while the helmets and perhaps Russia/China walk in and take America with no resistance..THAT IS THEIR PLAN.We have to be prepared and prayed/armed up.If we fight them with no other choice will be on our ground..not theirs…our terms..not theirs.We may have to go against the whole lot some point soon,though.These include marxists/commies/all supposed angered and agitated ‘races’being made angry by satan and the NWO globalists to take our country down.We have to take responsibility because we failed to preach the Gospel to our they hate us and what we stood for.They may now be our enemies because we didn’t present an alternative to socialism and godlessness.God help us all.

  4. dan.w says:

    This is a mess of our own making..How?..If we would have articulated or shared Christ with those around us in our every day walk..perhaps Christ’s blood being shed would have been enough…now,because of our ‘corporate’ laziness and stupidity or cultural christianity,[read LOST] as a bad substitute for the real thing…our blood may be required.We must be wise in our future dealings with everyone.These people who hate us..still need the Gospel.God still saves lost sinners..we were such in the past.I’m reaching out while I’m still God haters and atheists..because we ALL were born enemies to God until He intervened on our behalf putting someone in our lives who put God and His plan before themselves and their personal agenda.Don’t give up.Fight for the right..Fight for the good.Be a good soldier of Christ.It’s our calling and mandate.

  5. dan.w says:

    Just so everybody is up to speed.If we did what was allowed by the ‘other side’…you’d be in prison for life.The globalists organized it.It is carried along with the best wishes of commie/demonrat governors.Homosexuals/lesbians/those who don’t know what sex they are from moment to moment started BLM.They are arm in arm with islam,and anyone made to feel dissinfranchised by America or it’s way of life.This is a non-stop coup to tear America down without remedy.The cops,[for the most part]…watch at the sidelines…so much for serve and protect.You are on your own.If you know a good cop…support him/her.Encourage them.Get the word out.God’s prophetic calendar is moving fast.For all intents and purposes..we are a socialist nation.Who else do you see calling the shots?Remember me warning all of you time was running out?Was I wrong?If you want to try and save America..the couch is a poor ‘command central’Git off yer carcasses as they would say in the 1800’s.Dag nab it!!!,theres a showdown brewin…are ya fer me…?or agin me…?What is the line in the sand…for you……