Google engineer goes public, spills beans on ‘hunt’ for Christians”

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  1. dan.w says:

    ….and I can almost hear the Trumpet sounding………

  2. dan.w says:

    May God continue to guide and bless president Trump.I know of no one who can take what he gets dished out daily,from all sides..relentlessly..from the the rino’s,the regressives..the commie’s..the God hater’s…the lamestream media,tech-mental midget’s..You have just got to see..[if you’re looking…]..God’s hand in all this,and the spiritual battle being ‘played out’..before our eye’s.We ARE in the end of end time’s…The Third Temple is casting it’s long awaited predicted shadow of it’s being built.Russia is playing ‘footsie’ with our warship’s.Nation,[ethnos] is raging against nation.Race war’s seem in the near future unless the Lord cool’s their heel’s…Men’s heart’s failing..for seeing what is coming on the earth..[small ‘e’] for our tree licking friend’s….Look at the weather pattern’s folk’s..It’s not global warming..that would be when God crank’s up the heat in the Tribulation,It’s not another ‘ice age’,nor climate change…IT”S..SIN !!!!,Yep…and that’s why we wait for our Redeemer..Jesus.He alone is the Risen Savior..fully God,fully man who paid our sin debt in full..But we need to ask for His salvation to get it.He will adopt us into ‘the Family’…just ask.Time is short.Revelation horse’s are getting brushed and ready for the ‘Big Day’…..Are you ready…….?