GOP hammers ‘mob’ message for midterms, as Dems howl over label

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  1. dan.w says:

    We know we are in the last times of the times of the gentiles.America is going the way of Europe and England..once great springboards for Christianity.I won’t write us off yet,but the real Church,[individual believers in the Lord Jesus Christ ] need to speak of Him in our culture.We are to be ambassadors for Him.If there is a vacuum in society,it falls on our shoulders and we should not only be ashamed of it,but repent of it and get the Gospel out.Every day,in one way or another,I try to be led of His Spirit to reach out to people I meet anywhere I go.It’s only hard if we make it that way.God will bless your efforts…be we need to exert it.satan,[with a small s] is recruiting,and he’s got nothing to offer but pain misery and death…WE,who have the truth have the Lord who has everything…C’mon…tell someone about Jesus…and His power to save.This my friends..could save America.