Governments to Christians: Don’t You Dare Speak Out Against the Sexual Sin in Society

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  1. Gary Canant says:

    Dear Brother John;
    When Jason Galvin and his wife Jackie rescued a bald eagle hanging upside down by a rope 75 feet up in a tree in MN using his sharp shooter skills and 22 cal rifle, I SENSED THAT WAS THE VERRY LAST! Hand writing on the wall for America from God.
    I rented a car and put 1,900 miles on it getting to my family to make sure they are ready to meet God! I sense the Eagle sign to be as great a sign as the cow giving birth to a lamb that Flavious Joseph recorded in “THE WARS OF THE JEWS” that happened in the temple as witnessed by the high priest, before the temple destruction.

    I sense in my spirit man, just prior to, or on, Rosh Hashana – October 3-4 2016 a major calamity will come on England (from whence came the King James Version) Holy Bible and now is trumpeting the rebellion of MAN MADE WOMBS put in males to have babies.
    And calamity to America for all the rebellion here, and that you have reported on.

    I just learned Russia and China have scheduled, joint, pacific military exercises/war games for September/October. That is why I have chosen to comment to you today.
    Somehow I sense it will happen in one hour!
    JUST LIKE DESERT STORM, when, in Iraq, everything electrical failed!.

    Thank you for YOUR FRUITS! “By their fruits he shall know them”

  2. jerrypritikin says:

    Jesus was born and died a Jew!