Hard Left: Destroying the US Military

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  1. danw says:

    God will not honor reprobates.We will get our butts kicked and handed to us if we don’t return to God and ALL His righteous precepts.Every real Christian had better take note that this IS a spiritual battle for our nation.God will not honor queers and dikes and people who do not know from moment to moment what sex they are.If we lost the culture…then the war is already over and lefties/muzzies won….God help the U.S.

  2. Gary Canant says:

    Thank you very much for HARD LEFT DESTROYING AMERICA.
    When the two American Destroyers had collisions with TANKERS! recently.
    I knew right then, the U.S. NAVY of today is nothing more than a Yacht Club, by 1966-1968 standards.
    On board the USS HANSON DD-832, human eyes were staring at all points of the compass.
    After the recent collisions, I asked some young quartermasters, “Do you all still use a chronometer, sextant and North Star while deployed?”
    The answer made me sick to my stomach! “The sextant is in the drawer, only Officers know how to use it.”
    In so many words, I was told that, ELECTRONIC! navigation had replaced the outdated clock, N. Star and cumbersome sextant.
    A lump came up in my throat. A year ago the shadow of a B-1 bomber passing overhead startled me.
    A sudden thought came to mind. “HOW MANY NATIONS HAS THE U.S.A. DROPPED BOMBS ON?”
    At the library – I learned since the Nuks dropped on Japan, The USA had dropped bombs on 33 nations.
    Geneses 8:22 is a LAW! And right now we are hanging in the balance. “SEED – TIME – HARVEST as long as the earth remains”