HELL HOUSE: Dancing With the Devil In Oakland

This photo taken from video provided by @Oaklandfirelive shows the scene of a fire in Oakland, early Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016. The blaze began at about 11:30 p.m. on Friday during a party at a warehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area city. Several people were unaccounted for. Oakland Fire Department posted several messages throughout the night on its Twitter social media network account, including the latest one in the morning saying that fire crews would remain on the scene for several more hours to extinguish hot spots(@Oaklandfirelive via AP)

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  1. danw says:

    Wow…This is really where the majority of America and the world is…lost.It is sad to see such devotion to a lost cause.If we had that zeal for the real Jesus…the church would again turn this world upside down,[in a good way].You can always tell when people are lost,when they ‘love what kills them’.God bless you brother John/sis Georgann. P.S. on a good note.I’ve been blessed to witness about the real Jesus at a couple of funerals.People seem to be ‘dropping like flies’ lately,so I’m seizing the opportunity God gives me to talk to people about their eternal destiny.A funeral is a great place to put the truth out there and speak up as death is on everyones mind at that moment.I got saved right after a funeral in 1987.I tell people we are all eternal beings,and we will spend eternity somewhere.Now is the time to choose your destiny,because once they screw the lid down..its too late to choose.No choice is still a choice.No Jesus,no Heaven.

  2. Catherine says:

    Thanks for the truth about the fire in the Oakland Warehouse. We certainly don’t get information like that from any media.

    They called it a “party.”

  3. Gary Lynn Thompson says:

    Even with what I read in media establishment, the thought crossed my mind, if they do such a poor job upholding building and safety codes on an everyday level, then how prepared are they for the inevitable “Big One”?


    The general impression that earthquakes were routine events in biblical lands and times has tended to obscure the significance of Uzziah’s earthquake. The reason the prophets would say things like “two years before the earthquake” without further elaboration, was because Uzziah’s earthquake appears to have been exactly the “unzip-all-at-once” scale that would imprint its horror on the minds of generations to come.

    Stories like this are just one of many reasons, if I were a man with a family and having any prudence at all, I’d be pulling up stakes and leaving the West Coast tomorrow if not sooner.

  4. K. Bright says:

    I just read this today. The photos are shocking. I did not read a single news article that reported this. Let me tell you what the Holy Spirit said to me today after I read this. It is also shocking.

    “That place was a hell hole in the disbelief of God and the Savior. Everywhere in the photos you saw images of the gods of Hinduism, including some you recognized. Demons swarmed there right up until it burned. They were gleeful that night, finally getting what they wanted. They turned the hearts of men and women right into Hell.”

    I am an intercessor and understand these things well. You see what is stake? The Enemy is working hard to send humanity to HELL. Keep the faith and keep fighting.

  5. Hi John,

    I am the author of Hell House: Dancing with the Devil in Oakland. I wondered why it says on your site that GeorgAnn Ryan wrote this?

    Here it is from my blogsite:

    Perhaps this was a mistake on your end??

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I am sorry for the misunderstanding. What it really means is the blog post was written by Georgann but not the article.
      If you click on the article, it shows that you wrote it, so there never was any plagiarism.
      To clear up any confusion, I added your name after the article headline.