Imam Curses Christians and Jews at Trump Interfaith Event

2 Responses

  1. danw says:

    President Trump should be made aware of the ‘eemoms prayer’.If he knew what was really said about Christian’s and Jew’s,it would,I’m sure,solidify what he[Trump] already know’s to do..and do it quickly…deal with real islam..and shut it down..grease the rail’s and get them out of here.They have 57+ countries that welcome their garbage..go home…and ]the poop don’t get a free pass either]..false shepherd,little horn etc.

  2. danw says:

    Father God..I pray for protection and wisdom for the new president and administration.Also,for all of your believers worldwide,even though we are but clay vessel’s,let us avail ourselve’s fully to You and Your will for the glory and honor of Jesus.