Islamic scholar: Jews more ‘dangerous’ than coronavirus

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  1. dan.w says:

    Yep…pretty sad.Abortion kills how many??..3000 a day?,probably double or triple that when you figure in chemical abortions,i.e.the pill,or morning after drugs…while 1to 1.5 % die from corona virus.I’m not trying to belittle the deaths of real people…but,come on..more people I would bet die every day from falling down their own stairs than from this virus…no joke!..This is an orchestrated event,[in my opinion]..with the outcome already predetermined..and we are SLEEPWALKING right through it.This is a planned socialist takeover on many levels.I will be sending my president,[Mr.Trump] some sound and helpful advice…’if he takes it’.Put America back to work.Free checks are socialism.Biblical concepts are…You don’t don’t eat.Free money is always bad..on every level.Why?..because….It automatically debases it’s worth.It also reinforces the entitlement mindset.It rewards those who don’t work..and punishes those who do.It KILLS the work ethic.It makes govt.BIG DADDY..and leaves out Father God.When America is no longer..Open for business….we have lost.Excuse my french…but I’ll be darned if I sit by my mailbox and wait like a surf,for my ‘free check’..while others died to make sure I stayed free.Newsflash!!..Free ain’t free..if you get my drift.Please send Mr.Trump a letter or e-mail letting him know…we WANT to be open for business.God don’t want us sitting on our hands till Christ comes back,we should be working…same go’s for our country.Don’t give me a check…I’ll earn it,thank you.If I wanted socialism..I’d vote for a demoncat.

  2. dan.w says:

    I was right…Almost 12,000 people a year die from falling down stairs. Anyhow…If you want to send Mr.President a letter,[be kind please]…the address is President Donald Trump,The White house…1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W Washington,D.C 20500. Thank you and God bless all of you.