Israeli questioning of US Jews at border exposes deeper rift

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  1. DanW says:

    Pastors and those that love Christ…NOW is the time to stand.Fruits and nuts may be good for most of us..but the land of fruits and nuts is faltering.I see judgment in the offing as we walk away from the Lord.I know there are many who live in California who are sickened by what they see disaster wise..and sin wise.I believe the ‘wake up call’ is going out…to all of us.God’s mercy and longsuffering should not be misread as His absence.He is real,He is God…and He still deals with men.We all will have our live laid open and bare before Him.Repentance is for all of us..For the Church,for the lost,for the tired rebel.God could spare us and give us a small window of time so we can again receive His blessings…or we can ignore Him to our painful loss and demise.There is NO U.S.of A two,in case we lose this nation to run to.Liberal/progressive/commie God haters….YOU are put on notice….Lord God…intervene and deal with evil,and the ‘pushers’of it.If they don’t repent to You…make them as wood for Your fire…Amen.