It’s NOT OK To Be White” “Reject White Interests”

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  1. dan.w says:

    The ‘information operation was in large part,started in public schools when we ‘adopted’much of russia’s communistic tenet’s that were brought here and utilized in our school systems.Most people don’t realize that in it’s early beginnings,public schools actually allowed and encouraged Bible reading,and ‘recess’ was often utilized for real gun target practice..Yes folks,you could bring your guns to school…somewhere,however..that got left behind..and evil never sleeps.As I mentioned in a previous post,brother Brannon Howse has much to say on how the left/communism infiltrated all area’s of our society.Henry Ford worked with Hitler during WW2,John Dewey was doing a number on our educational system.Woodrow Wilson was doing a number on us.Communism work’s on us from within and from the outside.In the Korean war,our soldiers were pummeled with commie propaganda while prisoners,and many had not enough accurate American history,or Biblical history to refute the enemies claims..many lost the will to live,just curling up and dying or giving up.They were told capitalism was evil.Well..that lie again is being taught in our schools.Most young people would rather be under socialist/communist America.Where was the pastor?Where were the parents…Where were the churches?Now this tide of evil has grown up in our midst..and the enemy is amongst us…by design…Now is the time to evangelize in our own country.Our ‘light’ is flickering,about to go out.What will ‘we’ do……..

  2. dan.w says:

    I Amen that brother John.I’m getting the original Jesus movie,on DVD in many languages out there.I carry them in my car and on my person.Most people readily accept them when led by God’s spirit and given in true humility.I’m just the ‘messenger’,or ‘paper boy’ giving GOOD NEWS.It takes me and my personality out of the way..and let’s God go right to the person.I let the Lord lead me and fill my mouth with His Word’s.It’s as close to a Holy out of body experience as one could have,short of dying.We are in His field,watching Him work..We are just earthen vessel’s God uses as a conduit to reach the intended person…and His work produces real fruit that last’s for eternity.I also pray before and afterward’s that His desired outcome will be reached.God bless you as you walk and work in His field.If each of us as true believers take’s God at His word,the bull by the horn’s..i.e.the Great commission..and reach’s out in faith..this country could be a different place..for the better.We will never get another Donald Trump to cut a wake for us amidst the evil tide…so I want to make the most of his example…There is no other nation like America…and I WILL fight for her.