John McTernans Insights Blog: February 4, 2021 (Special Post)

2 Responses

  1. Dewey W Whitworth says:

    Some of us Bro John saw this way before Barry Sotero ( real name of obama ) when Slick willie and The Skirt ( Bill and Hill ) were headed to the White House. Sleepy joe is clueless
    and is on a leash, that is clearly evident.

  2. dan.w says:

    We clearly have a ‘govt’ that has become too big for it’s britches.’They’ have made us the enemy,while it is them who hate us and all we stand for.satan is their pappy.Bill ‘the zipper’ and Hellery have a ‘body count’ that casts a long shadow.Barry Soetoro neve actually stopped being president,and even now pulls levers and has at least 1 million idiots who are his army.Remember when he/it/she instituted it,back in the day?That’s who the intercepted china guns and parts were for.Our country for all intents is now taken over.Before they false flag us,[believe me it’s coming] into taking away our 2nd ammendment..we had better be ready.They are the domestic,sellout terrorists…just remember that.They hate God,country,freedom,and us.Pray that the Lord would shine favor on us as we seek to save a sinking republic…and souls along the past totalitarian regimes want to exterminate us.We can roll over or we can kick their……….