John McTernans Insights Blog Post: July 12, 2021

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  1. dan.w says:

    With the fake ‘vax’,which is really a gene altering/time bomb waiting to explode with yet to be discovered have to wonder?…How long O Lord?An evil tide of insanity has swept the world.It really isn’t dem vs republican,left vs right.ALL of humanity is square into the sights of the elite globalist/satanists.We are on borrowed time right now.Jesus could come right now and I would cheer Him on.I believe in giving out the gospel..however,[my opinion],the the ‘door knockers’ who are coming are already sold out to satan.They are marked with his ownership already and are numb to real life,God,His Christ,and our right to exist outside of their preplanned extermination framework.I REFUSE to bend or bow to the devils dictates.He,[the evil one] can go pound sand.I’ll take my lead punishment over a needle..and I will resist.