John McTernans Insights: January 16, 2021

3 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    Uless and until Mr.President,the real one pulls the pin…it will be Isaiah 5;20…Truth has fallen dead in the streets.Can anyone revive her? Yes,..Jesus can.It will take a move of God in His mercy and anything less is peeing in the wind.

  2. dan.w says:

    For the last..120-140 years..we have slept while the God haters made a slow march through our institutions.Religious,political,economic,the colleges and schools…They moved slowly,with purpose.They infiltrated every sphere of society..then,when they turned on the was like ..what just happened?We are surrounded by enemies.It would take a mighty move of God,nothing less to slow it down or turn the tide.Politics is a shell game.So is religion.It is only the personage of Christ who can sort it all out.The globalists got us by the…..only because we let them.If we had not left our first love,this nightmare would be a fiction,not a reality.Yep…..sheep are dumb.No one was all that shocked at the left’s hatred toward us…but,the Rino’s..WoW…Everyone of them sold us out,while pretending to love God and country.If this vote that was stolen from us isn’t remedied now…it never will be.The ballot box is a joke to the communists..and the joke was on us.Personally,I will NEVER pull a lever for anyone ever,except to put my car in gear,if this isn’t fixed.I would rather take my lumps as a patriot,..than a prisoner of scum occupiers.If any praying men and women want to assault the gates of Heaven with prayer and repentance…by all means.I just cannot get over how almost no one stood for Trump.We don’t deserve a country if that’s how we are.Father God…whatever it takes to bring America back…do it…Thank You,Amen.

  3. Louise says:

    My son was one of 100 NV Guard deployed to DC for the inauguration.