John McTernan’s Insights Posted: June 5, 2021

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  1. dan.w says:

    America is in it’s death throes….to try and extricate the evil would surely kill the host,[us].While we are still here and alive..we are alive,aren’t we?….we need to reach the lost around us.The frog has been cooking in the pot for over a century now,but nary a pastor or Christian took note as one by one,God and His Christ was removed and replaced with pagan,godless things and traditions and so called laws.The weed is not us,but those we let grow up around us without our salt and light poured over them so they could possibly escape satan’s clutches.We fell down on our responsibilities and calling.Father God…light a holy fire in the hearts of men and women to get the true Gospel of Grace to a lost/dying populace.Time is short..and Hell is hot.

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