Kerry: ‘Israel Can Either Be Jewish or Democratic — It Cannot Be Both’

2 Responses

  1. danw says:

    Thank you Father God,for Your mercy in giving us more time…more time to repent and keep short accounts with You.I will step aside,and not stand in the way of what Barry and Kerry have coming via ‘The Lord’.I refuse to pray for them as they beg God to judge them.How foolish us humans can be.They will either be saved..or…the Lord will erase even the memory of them.Thank You Father God also for the Jews…worldwide…And Israel.Through them we have been blessed beyond measure in many ways.Now let us bless them at every turn,and be their friend,loving them with a true heart.I pray also that Mr.Trump follow You Lord,and seek Your all things,Amen.

  2. Nancy says:

    I’m not convinced, that God will pour out the Holy Spirit on this nation! What I see is satanism running rampant in this nation! This nation has been saturated with the Gospel of Jesus Christ all along and there are places still to buy bibles and plenty of christian tracts ect. around if anybody wants to know! God’s will be done!!