MD Officials Block Christian School from Voucher Program, Claiming Anti-LGBT Beliefs

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  1. dan.w says:

    The ‘banner’ says it all.The hardcore left and sexual deviants have been successfully brainwashed.Only,it was with dirty water.The devils cesspool was the source.Major media,like in hitlers day..was and is…pumping out misinformation..non stop..the sheeple will suck it all in..they have no love of the truth in them,but pleasure in unrighteousness.They WANT to be lied to,because to them,that is truth.They are like their spiritual father,the evil one,and all the songs he,[it],pipes in,they dance to.They revel in destruction.Our republic is almost gone.We were too busy to be bothered by prayer in schools,the 10 commandments,abortion,sodomy..and such.New Sodom grew up all around us!!!Hi,neighbor!..we seemed to they lay wait to slay us.What damn..yes I said damn…fools we were and are to give away a land that others fought,bled,and died for to keep us free.The republicans won’t save you,they are socialist lite,and will take your guns/freedom as fast as any commie will.Watch them cave in,to try and appease people who would rather croak than vote for them We are fools to pander to the left and their set-up they laid up for us.These massacres were planned and are being used by them,[the left]..and,they know they can ‘play us’in one fashion or another.It is a lose lose for us.They create the ‘problem’ already having the solution in the wings.If I have to spell it out for you..then we deserve to get our butts kicked.If you want to keep your freedom,1st/2nd..constitution have to fight for it,the other side is fighting to take it away and you will/are losing free speech,self government,self defense,freedom of conscience…everything.Like the Jews before us in olden days..we have forgotten God,made new ones..and now its woodshed time.I read history,and saw it coming.I warned all of you many times.Pray hard fella’s/gal’s….It’s all we’ve got.Pray for Trump..that he stays strong.and stays Gods arrow to the evil around us.