Medical Journal Publishes Study Showing Prayer Healed Teenager of a Chronic Illness

4 Responses

  1. Victor Cullen says:

    Thank you Jesus. All we have to do is ask and he is willing. He is still in healing business but he has to be asked in faith.

  2. dan.w says:

    In the past I have met a person who was/is friends with the pastor who was saved from death when the truck completely crushed him in half.The story is true.He did see angels at each end of the trucks front bumpers.I read the book’Saved by angels’…!00% true.God still doe’s miracles.

  3. dan.w says:

    The book on being saved by angels was by Bruce Van Natta.Also,about 20 some years ago,my dad was healed from a heart aneurism that was seen on multiple x-rays.My prayer was by total faith in Christ and surrender to His perfect will.Jesus saw fit to honor my simple prayer.My dad knew it.God bless you all.P.S.He,[dad]..died about 1 and a half years later from something home,Thank You Jesus.