Ministry Takes Back ‘God’s Rainbow,’ Despite LGBT Threats

The man behind the world-famous Ark Encounter has decided to reclaim "God's rainbow"—announcing the massive ark exhibit will be permanently bathed in rainbow lights

5 Responses

  1. KimW says:

    John & Georgann, thank you as always for the indepth reporting.
    Sadly the lutherns and methodists passed away into oblivion long ago.

  2. Diana says:

    I probably sound like a have a screw loose, but I can honestly say I never once equated the LGBT flag with a rainbow set by our Father above. I guess because the LGBT flag is so far removed from God that it doesn’t even warrant recognition.
    Love your ministry, Pastor John. God trained your hands for war and your fingers for battle for sure!

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      You don’t have a screw loose… you’re just focused correctly – on Jesus – and not on the cultural agenda!

  3. danw says:

    God bless you brother Ham..for not surrendering the real rainbow and it’s true meaning.The replica of ‘The Ark’ along with the rainbow at night lighting the Ark…drive home the reality of God,His truth and His dealing’s with mankind.A great and Huuuuuuge conversation starter.Thank you brother John/sis Georgann for covering this excellent story…keep up the great work.