More than 7-in-10 California Immigrant Households Are on Welfare

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  1. dan.w says:

    We are one step behind California,..two steps behind Europe.Look at the presidents we had prior to Mr.Trump.They were all globalist’s or Jew haters until you get to Nixon,or Kennedy.God sent a small temporary reprieve with Mr.Trump.Yes,he’s just a man..but God is using him.The proof is in the ‘lightning rod’ that is Mr.Trump.Everyone except born again believers and some ‘in the know’ hate and despise him.We have that same’stigma’ as believers…The world hates us..but we are known of Christ…and those who love Him.God bless you..Mr.president.You are welcome in my house anytime.Take the battle to the globalist’s.Kick their behind..They need it.Spoiled children of the devil,they are..let God’s wisdom confound them.