NBC slammed for pushing claim Christian faith ‘is used to defend white supremacy

2 Responses

  1. danw says:

    What truth is to the Christian…lie’s are to those who follow satan.They are their own jailor’s,because they follow the father of lie’s.There is no truth in them,no amount of reason can convince them because light is dark to them,bitter is sweet,up is down…etc.To them,God is the devil,and the devil is god.Someone can be a real Christian,and not be a republican..however,I don’t believe a real Christian can be a democrat..unless they are brain damaged.Abortion,homosexuality,redefinition of solid truth,acceptance of all way’s but the ‘one way’.Hatred of Jesus and His follower’s…They are the pot calling the kettle black.Thanks for reporting the real new’s brother John…not like the regurgitated pablum the fake three pump out to the deceived obamaton’s ,and helleryite’s.God bless you.

  2. danw says:

    As re; the ‘art’ of genetic monster’s…this is real and going on worldwide.We are again at the point in history where the Lord will soon shut this thing down because it is demonic,and anyone with discernment can see where it is headed.We are already there where the ‘MARK’ is welcomed……