New Image of the Beast Post – Creation of Human Gods: The synthetic human genome project and third strand DNA

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  1. Val Mikesell says:

    John, who or what is behind Nicholson 1968?

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      I’m responding to your question since I did the Image post and used his video (with John’s approval). He’s a Christian from the American South who makes good videos in terms of his technical skill, and writes on technology and the elites in charge, as those subjects relate to Scripture. While he does get a bit dogmatic with his opinions at times and we don’t fully accept all of his conclusions because they seem premature, overall, his explanations of what’s happening in the tech world and the ramifications of that research are good. But part of the reason for including the article by True Free Thinker in the post, “Succinct thoughts on the Mark of the Beast – 666” is to warn readers that we can’t see clearly yet in terms of specifics, though all of these developments and research trends are heading toward the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. That’s why we need to follow these areas closely and prayerfully, because science is getting beyond anything we could’ve imagined even a decade ago and each step sheds more light on what the Bible warns us will appear in the last days. Thanks for reading and asking the question!