New VA LGBTQ Bill Would Mean Baptist Schools Can’t Fire Cross-Dressing Teachers

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  1. dan.w says:

    We need to keep short accounts with God.The times we are living in are the most dangerous I’ve ever seen.We are being pushed and pulled from within and from without.Most people sense ‘something has got to give’.It happened incrementally,over time.While we were ‘living our lives’the evil one went nearly unnoticed about his dirty work…sowing evil.It came from liberal schools of thought in the late 1800’s,then through public school’s,public brainwashing,advertising,media,etc.We let ‘our guard down’.T.V.was and is still a big purveyor of thing’s that oppose and mock God…and us.Disney went from family friendly to occultic in nature,with sexual suggestive scene’s put in cartoons.We see ‘the current offerings’ of individuals on the ‘other side’.To many,many people..these are valid candidates who appeal to them.Where have we gone?How could we have fallen so far? WE FORGOT GOD.