New York passes bill allowing abortions up to birth, for any reason

3 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    Father God..I pray You ‘take it to the evil ones’…Break the fang of the cruel,Dash the hope of the wicked.Lay waste evil and it’s plan’s and planner’s before You Lord.Give righteous men and women a reason to hope in You and Your power to save,and the promise to visit with full measure,all wicked men/women who mock You and slay the innocent and unsuspecting.Give us true and just law again in our land,…and stand between the pre-born and their would be executioners,Amen.

  2. Dom says:

    Yet the reprobates light up the top of One World Trade Center in pink (supposedly for women’s rights), while at the same time preaching there is no distinction between pink and blue, girls and boys. What fools.

  3. dan.w says:

    I believe the ‘issue’ of abortion[child murder],suits the ‘evil one’ not only because he/it is killing the image of God or seed of God..but it also is a ‘bellwether’..which tests and tries the hearts of men and exposes them on all levels as to what reprobates we are without God ..satan,[small s],is seeing what will float.he/it,see’s little to no outcry or resistance over this..and see’s this as a victory.Fact is, would see a huge outcry from almost every quarter if taxes were raised 20%..Cars would be torched,windows smashed,businesses get the picture.I guess money is more important to many than an innocent baby being slaughtered and sacrificed to molech.While I believe getting involved political wise could be good…we’ve been doing that to almost no avail since 1973.This is an industry built on dead babie’s,and their part’s.Someone’s getting ‘greased’ and greased good.I ask right now…Lord God…I ask in intercessory prayer,that You stand up and stop this slaughter.I don’t want 30 pieces of silver.Break the cartel of satan and his bootlicker friends.In Jesus Holy Name…Amen. and to the men/women who think this is sport…pick on someone your own size.