New Zealand to Broadcast Muslim Call to Prayer: Urges Non-Muslim Women to Wear Hijab

3 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    It looks like a battle between the Son God[Jesus],and the moon god,satan…It’s as if it was written in the sky.The muslims have their ‘black cube’..[stone],cut with human hand’s..We have our [Rock],not cut with hand’s.While I believe paganism is the predominant mindset worldwide…I also believe the ‘contest’,if you between The Lord Jesus Christ..and His enemy,[our’s too]..satan.This is a battle played out right in front of us.You can see the spiritual blindness the world is under.One muslim object’s..and people bow,scrape and bend over like a contortionist..licking their boot’s.Can I get a hijaab for my cat? C’mon..where are the real Christian’s?.If we don’t get Jesus out to a lost culture..they will soon come for you.You will be the criminal,though it is they who do the crime’s.Other than dress,they could pass for the Clinton crime they get a free pass and body’s continue to stack like cord wood…and no one is held accountable.Pray hard for our country..and that we get a ‘Holy Spirit’ kick in the back side or we are no longer salt and light.Ask the Lord to use you…I guarantee..if you are serious…He will.

  2. danw says:

    Malaise has set in the Church..We are comfortable,with like minded people.We pray,we assemble,we potluck….Anyone see what’s missing?….We…we..we.It’s all supposed to be about Jesus…and His power to save.I know a lot of people,[my brother’s/sister’s]..think I’m hard on them.Hey..I’d rather tell you a story and make you smile…But,there is too much of that already.I love you enough to let you despise me…if it will ‘get the car out of park’..and get it moving.The motor is running,but the tire’s have a flat spot from sitting in the driveway too long.Please remember,my family…sometime’s love hurt’s before it can heal.I can feel the joy when a lost person get’s a Jesus video in his/her hand’s..God is watching,the angel’s and saint’s[up there]rejoicing…so what is up with us?Did we get ‘bad theology’?Did we get any theology at all?,or did we get a ‘homily’,which is a story everybody laugh’s at..but it won’t turn a spiritually dead person to consider life,or the Author of it?I prefer to be loved of God and despised of men,than despised of God and loved of men.Before I was saved,it killed me if one person didn’t like me…now I don’t care.I’m here to please God.Love me or hate it with all your strength…then,turn that strength to good use and tell someone about Jesus….That’s why we are here.May God bless each of you where He reaches you.