Newly Released Strzok Notes Implicate Obama and Biden DIRECTLY Ordering Sham Flynn Investigation

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God…please bring patriots and Christians together.We can have ‘a coalition too’..but one based on Goodness,Holiness,honor…on the Lord…not like the haters of God and man..who,unlike their supposed hero’who said to judge by character,not color of skin’..looks like they have learned nothing.On a lighter note…regarding the toppling of statues…Remember as a kid..there was this clown toy with a sand bottom.You could hit him all day long and he would just get up again.Why not do that with statues??..Yeah…put a heavy coil spring at the base of it..then when they are done smacking returns back to its normal position..Kind of like a giant ‘stressball’ for big dummies…..just a thought…..

  2. dan.w says:

    I was out of town last night to visit my step son and family.He see’s this stuff going on.I told him…remember when ever you see a country that has people in it toppling statues,such as in middle eastern countries…What you really are witnessing is a ‘regime change’.I have never seen it go back to what it was.This is a spiritual ‘earthquake’..happening in our country even as we speak.The commie footsoldiers,mostly american born,are part of a total takedown of the U.S.Could it be that the Lord gave us the window of opportunity with Trump..saw little to no action from the ‘so called church’ we have become [lukewarm]…and decided to send judgement on us via a wicked and base people?..What else could explain our inaction when faced with losing our country..FOR GOOD.Are the men so feminized and distracted with worldly things that it just don’t matter?There are really good ministries out there..crying in the wilderness about ‘these times’…where is the response?I’m not talking retribution..but what about defending the innocent children,’abortion’,or the elderly who are being sent to modern day death camps.I thank God daily for Trump..but he is not our babysitter.We need to grow up,get man pants on…and do the job God left us here for….All ‘our toys’ and distractions will cease once the guillotine is whetted.While we fiddle away at stuff that won’t matter ten minutes from now,everything sane and normal is being removed from us.We let it happen.God see’s we don’t care….so why should He.His mandate to reach the lost….got lost..To those who did NOTHING…..please excuse me if I don’t say…thank you.

  3. dan.w says:

    When the ‘next wave’ of the fake pandemic [virus].. comes..and it will…lets do what always worked before..herd immunity.Deep state/globalists are wrecking our country through fear..[if we let them].I will NOT wear a mask.If I do..I want small unmarked bills.,only criminal and superhero’s wear masks….and I’m neither.We can have our country back…if we fight for it and not play roll over and dead.I’m amazed at how people who stand for nothing,fall for anything,but reject truth and will fight you tooth and nail just so that they can laugh at you and then go to a real Hell for all of eternity.Guess I just don’t get it.There are plenty of godforsaken places to be..I don’t want the U.S. to become one.Everything a communist/marxist touches turns into a toilet,just look at their track record.Their goals are to get rid of us..gee..wonder how batman!……They want to ‘cleanse’ their ‘mother earth’ because we are causing her pain.Yes,all of creation groans because of the curse of sin,and not just the sin of the G.O.P.The left has a ‘bible’.too….but they worship Beezlebub…call him bob for short.I cannot wait for Christ to come for His bride.Not as an escape from reality or responsibilty..but because Jesus always keeps His promise.Whoa to the world left behind to face mans anger,the devils wrath..and God’s judgment.Now theres a trifecta for ya…Dear reader…If you have not trusted Christ yet..time is up.Make your decision…make the right one..because..eternity is a real long time to be wrong.