Newt Gingrich: Trump’s State of the Union changed history on Tuesday night

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  1. dan.w says:

    I saw the speech in it’s entirety with my wife.It was beautiful.He nailed it every time.I know God put him in office as an ‘offer’ to galvanize us believers in prayer to save many souls..and perhaps a nation.What a kind,longsuffering God we have…Merciful unlike anyone else we could ever know.I have mailed Our president a letter expressing my appreciation for his stand on God,life..the constitution,etc.I told him he is loved and prayed for daily..and thanked him for being a ‘statesman’,and not a politician.I blessed him,his family,staff and prayer team.People…KNOW that God is in this! He,[The Lord] has specifically made this time for us to do battle against evil.While it is played out in the physical see it every where,it is a spiritual battle won on our knee’s in true humility and in the total awareness that God is on the throne..fully in charge..and He not only win’s in the end..but we get to partake in the outcome and victory if we would only see the challenge ahead and seize it by the horn’s.[In Prayer.].Pray as a Victor..not as a victim,Amen.