“PELOSI’S ANGELS: Border Patrol Apprehend Child Molesters and MS-13 at Texas Border”

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  1. dan.w says:

    The original suffragette’s were pro life..These are a bad commie copy….

  2. dan.w says:

    The ‘enemy is within’…We as a church,[body of believers]..need to pick up the mantle/take the message of Christ out into our every day life.There has been a vacuum left by our absence in the market place of idea’s.Going to church won’t make Christian’s…most time’s.We are each called to be pastor’s or ambassador’s,[introducing people to Jesus]..in one way or another.America is like a big ship..but I believe if each of America’s real Christian’s take responsibility for reaching the lost,here…and not wait for someone else to do/not do it..we really could turn this thing around….or we could lay on our backside..and let the culture finish sucking what’s left of our brain out..while we pound ‘cheeto’s’,slurp a diet croak…and watch two men kiss on the tele…..try to find anything pure on the one eyed monster anymore…I can’t speak for anyone else…but I’ll be darned if Jesus blood sacrifice for me get’s treated like dog spit.I guess ‘cheap grace’ is what it’s referred to.I will continue to get the word out.I’m no hero,believe me…I just have a grasp,albeit a small one..that it cost God everything to save me…If I don’t pass that message along to other’s…it would say more about me,than anyone could ever find out about God.I thank God i still have a conscience,still feel shame,still know sin is real..and when other’s hear ‘Well done good and faithful servant’,..I would hate for the Lord to fall silent when He get’s to me……….we are without excuse..

  3. Lorral Weaver says:

    Maranatha Lord Yeshua, Maranatha!