Planned Parenthood President: ‘No Such Thing as Infanticide in Medical Care

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, Democratic candidate for governor, delivers remarks before introducing former U.S. President Barack Obama to speak at a rally with supporters in Richmond, Virginia, U.S. October 19, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - RC15BBE6BE50

4 Responses

  1. danw says:

    That sign is not only funny…but it is true.As re; the mulehair,conehead,rosystein,hellery,and the rest of their ilklings…I pray hard that what they planned to do to our president..comes back 100 fold to greet their sorry behinds.As for [planned murderhood],which is what they are…they are DARING God to judge them.That is what the net effect is when you kill one of His precious babies and think its a joke.God will have a special ‘interview’..just for them to give them rewards for their deeds.That ‘millstone’..I believe is Jesus Christ Himself personally judging them…In Person!He could survive it..meting out swift and pure judgment..,being God…they however…cannot.It’s like,excuse my word picture…having a Holy,but rabid mad pit bull grab you by the throat unto the point of eternal death.WOW!……I don’t envy the wicked one bit…and..I thank God daily for saving me from an eternity without Him….

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God…please prepare ‘Haman’s gallow’s’ for the deep state,Amen.

  3. danw says:

    I pray blessing upon blessing over Donald Trump,his family,faithful staff,their familie’s.Bless them at every turn as they follow You Lord.Also,please bless all people worldwide as they seek to make You and keep You first in their live’s…I humbly ask this in the perfect Name of Jesus,Amen.

  4. dan.w says:

    It’s o.k. by me if Mr.Trump closes the border with mexico.I don’t see people trying to get in there illegally..because they would be shot.God bless you,Mr.president…You are doing a darn fine job.You are being prayed for by thousands/millions….daily.Continue to follow the Lord as you have and He[God] will clear the path before you and help you take down the evil scoundrel’s who are trying to hurt you and us.God is our protector/defender.He win’s…It’s great to be on the right side of History…….