Poverty, Crime And Human Feces: The Worst Cities Being Run By Democrats

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  1. dan.w says:

    A while back I remember someone mentioned Jesus at a demoncrat convention…Jesus was literally booed off their ‘platform’ in every sense of the word.Heckled and jeered…I heard it.Not to polish the republicans..why do they,[the republicans]..have a ‘log cabin’ section?Abraham Lincoln was not a homosexual as they would tell you…It was common in those days for two men to sleep in a bed..beds were a luxury then,better that a hard dirt floor.Jesus wasn’t a ‘homo’ either when the disciples would lean on each other while breaking bread,furniture was not a big part of that culture,so they leaned on one another at times.Just like Europeans hold hands and kiss two cheeks…doesn’t make them sodomites.We are though in the end times .There is a coldness towards fellow man and especially towards God and His Christ.Pray hard for each other,for our enemies,for those in powerful places.Father God,give our president heavenly/Godly wisdom to confound and stop his enemies at all turns.Turn the tables on the wicked and catch them in their traps laid for the just,Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God….Please take clintonbodycount out in the open,Amen.