Press Corps Covered Up Congressional Sexual Misconduct ‘For Years’ But What of Really Helpless Victims?

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  1. Eric Vandiver says:

    eye opening articles.

  2. danw says:

    Yes,it really is all about the kids.Those in high places cover each others tracks because they have a mutual hatred for God,and so cannot leave an innocent child alone,but have to ‘wreck them’ because their daddy satan would do the same.God has,I believe,a special area in Hell for such as those.Now is the time for them to repent as we all were Hellbound until Jesus set us free.I pray their eyes would be opened to the truth of the Gospel.Thanks bro.John/sis Georgann for all your hard work.God bless,Danw.

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      Thank you, Dan – I was in intensive care in the largest hospital in the state in critical condition – the doctors said had I waited one more day to come in, I would have been dead so God is good – I had septicemia, a body-wide infection that kills most people and I am making a miraculous recovery; very fast for how sick and close to death I was – God still has a use for me. Thanks for the prayers, and I bless John for holding my job while I was so ill. I hope you’ll check out the video my husband, Roger Dale, & I just have completed for John since my release from the hospital, with our partner Joe Charles.

  3. danw says:

    Your time is not up until God says so.Glad you are getting better.