Republican RINOS

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  1. dan.w says:

    What you see in ‘the mask nazi’s’ the spirit of antichrist,fully grown and existing in America.It didn’t happen overnight,but was an incremental event.The last 100+years of the neglect of the ‘GREAT COMMISION’ by a large segment of Christianity.Benchwarming may feed sheep,but it starves the lost world of hearing about the Savior.I’m all for congregating,not neglecting the gathering together of..but not at the expense of some never hearing the true message of Jesus and His power to save.Take all the filled seats in every church..then if each one would reach one..we may not have had what we all see coming up..and its none too pretty.We could have won some by the Gospel..but instead may have to fight them off.We need to take some ownership for where we are.I’m not talking about the faithful,but those who think someone else should do what they themselves should have done.It’s the equivelent of Rino’s..but in the Christian them Cino’s…[Christian in name only].

  2. dan.w says:

    Just as being in a garage,won’t mean you’re a car,nor dressing funny make us a comedian,[usually] church roll membership is just that.God has no grandchildren,only children.We are ‘born again’ into it..not just born.I pray right now for someone reading this..Yes..God has His sight’s on YOU…and if that’s the case…I urge you now to just surrender to Him….It’s no use running anymore..I know,I’ve tried.God’s way is not’s BEST.The Lord is just about ready to wrap up this ‘dispensation’ of time and slide into another one.One that’s not as free or nice for those left behind without the Lord having their backs.But if you’ve trusted in Christ as you Savior,[do it now]…you are good to go.Just ask Him,[Jesus] to save you,..He will…and..perhaps…Ill see you in the future……