Republicans hit out at ‘unethical’ psychiatrists who claim Trump has a ‘dangerous mental illness’

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  1. danw says:

    Psyche…ah yes,..the study of the soul.Reminds one of the time when George Bush jr. looked into Putin’s eye’s and said he could see his soul.Do you need to have one to see it?Yes,we live in strange times.Jesus is still coming back, dangerous as it appear’s and is in the world..keep you trust and eye’s on Him.One of my biggest concern’s is with CERN.Think about it.It sound’s as if dis[cern]ment is intentionally missing.Literally,the scientist’s,HA!,are trying to kick open the gate’s of Hell and make an open passage way….Really!!.They are trying to [pull dark info] from another dimension to ‘use’here.As scary as islam is,in my humble opinion..CERN take’s the multi-dimensional cake.When,not if the demon’s are ‘let loose’…WOW,…What can you say?Yes ,Jesus has the real key,but who say’s when the time is ‘ripe’He won’t ‘let sinful mankind’open the Abbyss…never sure how to spell…and that’s as close to it as I wanna get.Father God,watch over us,Your Church worldwide.Please give us extremely good insight into the devil’s wile’s,so we can ‘sidestep his trap’s.We await Jesus return for .Please make us ready,Amen.

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      Check out the articles on CERN on the 666 blog: especially the most recent 3 – ” CERN: In the Year of Light, A Door to Darkness (Parts 1 & 2)” and “The New Reality: Updates on CERN, the Mark, rituals and other topics” and God bless you for your dedication to pursuing God’s reality, instead of man’s…

  2. Kim Wilde says:

    Hard Left article. You make the point that you have no control over what photographs appear on a website that you are linking too. I have commented on “Christian” websites that have pornographic websites shown and been banned from commenting ever again. I guess the money is so very important.
    Thank you for all of the research and effort and may GOD BLESS YOU.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I try my best to check on all the articles that I post.
      There are some British and Russians sites that have great information, but I can’t use them because of the porn.

  3. danw says:

    as re;my earlier post on CERN/islam.I was not trying to downplay islam’s significance in any way on our culture or the world at large.This is absolutely Yuuuuuge!,but I believe we can in some respect’s rise to the ‘occasion’and introduce these ‘new citizen’s’?to Jesus.If the Lord let them in here,we might as well reach them for Christ.I know many are receptive because they see the lostness of islam.Jesus love’s them,died for them,and can give them a hope and a future and eternal life.I believe we are still here for such a time as this.They may be more receptive than hardened lib’s or religionist’s to the Gospel.God bless you brother John and sis Georgann.