Satanic Temple Experiences Huge Membership Surge Following Trump’s Election

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  1. danw says:

    Disney has been corrupting/perverting kid’s mind’s for year’s.they are at the forefront of satan worship in many way’s.Beauty and the beast is proof.They have many subliminal embed’s in their movie’s and cartoon’s which show satan is at the wheel.When ever I talk about the political scene,please know it is really the spiritual scene behind it that make’s thing’s move and shake.Back to Disney.Notice how the kid’s start out innocent,until they get a fan base,then they turn more and more ‘whorish’,i.e.Miley ,and the rest..meanwhile taking the ‘fan base’ to the step’s of Hell,because the parent’s have NO spiritual discernment.If you would ever point these truth’s out to a ‘Disney goer’,you would usually get mocked,or a sharp angry rebellious rebuke…even from some claiming they are ‘christian’.We live in dangerous time’s.Satan want’s our kid’s/grandkid’s.Don’t let ‘it’ have them.Fight back with truth.Stop watching thing’s you know are non-Biblical.When you see something that go’s against Scripture,point it out,then turn it off.God Bless all the worker bee’s who put this ‘show’ together.I know I’ve mention ‘it’s’ name 3 or 4 time’s.Now it’s Jesus turn…Jesus.Jesus.Jesus.JESUS.There.

  2. danw says:

    P.S. You might want to look up Lorreta Lynch’s latest statement.

  3. danw says:

    Dear bro John/sis Georgann.Could you please,when you have time,I know you are both busy,please run an article on Loretta Lynch,and her latest incendiary remarks about ‘blood in the streets’.I believe this is timely and shows the ‘smoking gun’ if you will,of someone being used by Soro’s/and the evil one’s to try to start a civil war in our streets.Thanks,God bless,danw

  4. Ron says:

    The main-stream media has stirred mass hysteria against Trump amongst the left. This is even tearing families apart. How much worse will things get, where is this all heading? Who is behind the main-stream media’s bias? I fear things are far more sinister than most really comprehend.