Scandinavian Women Murdered in Morocco Were Victims of the Left

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  1. dan.w says:

    I was wondering if anyone is aware of the story that Russia is setting up a base/bases in Venezuala …sorry about the spelling,I’m not from there…Apprx.1000-1200 miles from us..with hypersonic nuke tech,[20 times the speed of sound].Another Cuba type crisis?The [tech]Emp stuff ,even in water sounds very Revelationesce to me…I could see not only us taken do you fight against hypersonic???,but sea life exterminated as they cannot survive what could come their way either.I’m not fear mongering,but enemies are on all sides and within.WE need to pray up,all day,every day.I know Trump is aware of Putin and has warned him.Pray folks…….America has satan licking his chops. While we bought the lie Russia set us up for,[remember perestrioka],they have been leapfrogging over us in the latest weapons while we went backwards…Father God..stop the enemies cold,in their tracks.Give us a Ninevah moment.We are a wicked and base people Lord.Give us a new heart for You.Make sin a stench to us…let us instead reach for Godly things..Thinking Your thoughts,O’Lord…after Jesus wonderful Name…Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    Thank you brother John….Also could I ask my family here for prayer for my younger brother.Next wed.he will go in for a triple bypass.He is a year younger than I years wise,but like 10 years older physically..and also pray for his salvation.He needs a ‘new spiritual heart too’…Thank you,Dan.w