Dems Murdering Elderly Out in the Open for the nation to see!

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  1. dan.w says:

    Andy Cuomo…reminds me of the mafia..or the hells angels…even more wicked as they are..little ‘Andy’ has them beat.How?..He has NO respect for the elderly.He is a merchant of death.He IS one of satan’s ‘lackeys’.I see NWO all over this goon.He is performing a population reduction task by offing them in large numbers like in the movie soylent green..just as the ‘blacks’ are given a ‘pass’ protest closely..meant to kill them with the scamdemic virus as they are more prone to it.Planned murderhood is running full steam,the ‘pill’ is available to anyone who wants to chemically snuff out God’s little living blessings…Billy Gates and his witch with the upside down cross,Fauci ‘the fake Dr.’,Birx the smirk,Oh’Bumma and his husband,Hellery and Zipper Bill….Tons of large corporations and sports teams,major media,stars,music peeps..all have a hand in this.Big tech,medicine,govt’s all working together to push prophecy ahead at warp speed.We need to keep Jesus front and center of all we do.Father God..please bring a massive outpouring of true Christians to brother Johns prayer meetings..and to other real prayer meetings sanctioned by You.Open the hearts and minds of the lost before their fate is Jesus Name.Amen.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I don’t understand why all real Christians don’t see this danger and are crying out to God for an outpouring of the holy Spirit?

  2. dan.w says:

    Cuomo gives killing someone with kindness a new meaning…no pun intended.He needs to fall on his face and meet the Living God. As re;saturdays prayer meeting…I will be out of town but will be praying in accord with all of you,my brothers and sisters in Christ for God’s ultimate will to be done.I pray that even though our prayers were heard regarding evil being exposed..that evil will also be disposed.Please..Father God..set the NWO and all it’s henchmen back 50 years.Stop them cold Father.Turn their minds off.Let their plans all halt,with no start up switch.Cover the world instead with calm from you.Give all of us an appreciation for You and Your blessings.Amen.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      We are looking right at Nazi evil rising in America before our eyes.
      They slaughter babies in womb right up to birth and now the elderly in nursing homes!
      They are ruthless and trust me they have Christians in their sights.

  3. dan.w says:

    Yes,I know after all the statues are toppled…we are next.Biden has said as much that if elected..he will’deal’ with us Christians.I too cannot believe the passivity at which Christians at large,and Americans who supposedly love this country have.It is like,I don’t want to hear it..or some kind of cognitive which all ability to clearly reason and think are totally gone.I try to sound the alarm….no one wants to heed my warnings.There are FEMA camps and guillotines waiting for us should Christ tarry.With the tribulation so close,it just opens my eyes to the soberness of the occasion.We are at war…yet all we hear is crickets and yawns.People are disconnected from not only reality…but what is just up ahead.I pray God raise up real warriors,Christians/patriots.Cops will stand down and let it burn.If this was the ‘old west’ would be over already.Just days ago,in milwaukee,I watched city people gather in a vengeful mob..and on hersay..they totalled a house,smashing windows.then torching the residence.That is whats coming and is already at America’s door right now.Satan stirs the pot..then the globalists will just walk in via China,Russia,U.N…and just take the place…Watch for black panther justice,or ‘blue helmet’ death squads.

    • Linn says:

      Agreed! Thanks for these articles, brother John, and your comments along with brother Dan. Here in WA, Many towns are standing up to antifa and BLM, successfully. Usually the ex-military give the call to the people and When they show up (because they will), at least 1000 people come fully armed! Antifa always leaves without a fight…because they’re just the “paid” resistance; they Know we will use our guns if necessary. You’ll never hear about it in the news, because we’re a Democrat state. In our town, we heard of BLM coming(to spy out the town), so we got over 100 people to gather at the last minute…to wave flags, pray, sing patriotic songs…one woman was walking up and down the street saying “Jesus saves”. The BLM people did not want to talk to us. They left peacefully…but we’re ready should antifa show up. That’s when everyone will show up open carrying! The true believers See and Pray! I know that the Lord Jesus is coming quickly, but I wonder if we’ll have to ride some “rough times” first, for a short time. Under His wings we will find Refuge. Hold fast to the Word and draw as close as possible to the Lord…Maranatha!

      • JohnMcTernan says:

        This is such a powerful comment that I want to post it on FaceBook and the blog. I will post it under anonymous. Thanks

        • Linn says:

          Every family in WA has guns (not in Seattle or Tacoma)…and the state paid the local shooting ranges to teach teens to shoot. My boys participated in it (2x@week for 1-2 years) and they received their distinguished expert award in marksmanship- we did it as part of homeschool. So most people know how to shoot. The ex-military who organize their towns for defense are usually pleasantly surprised at how many Patriots there really are. I think our attitude towards guns is one reason. On the East coast(where I’m from) most of the people who had guns were hunters. And most people didn’t know how to shoot. I sure hope that that’s changed! July 4th looks to be a big test for the Patriots this year!

  4. dan.w says:

    I’d like to clarify/correct a part of my last post…Biden didn’t say ‘deal’ with us Christians..but we will be ‘taken care of’…..I have an idea!!.Let us all hope for Biden to be safe as well.

  5. dan.w says:

    Be John.God bless you.