Shock Poll: Me-Centered Gospel Results In Dramatic Drop Of Biblical Beliefs

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  1. dan.w says:

    We are on all fronts..confronting evil in the spiritual realm.The wicked have seen us lay on our backsides for so long..they think we are easy prey.We need to confront these tyrants…who are there to keep law and order and to serve us,not the other way around.They need to be unemployed if they usurp their sworn duties.They do want a civil war…godless creeps.Pray that good cops stand up against false self made tiny gods..and stand for the constitution.Good judges as well.We may all have to take it to the streets to save our country…Whatever we have to do….That is Biblical…and that doe’s not mean…being walked on like a bad carpet.

  2. dan.w says:

    ……just remember…The Apostle Paul was also a roman citizen and brought up that fact when he was mistreated.We are not second class citizens because we are Christian.

  3. dan.w says:

    Brother John,I appreciate your ‘heads up’ regarding Hodges site.As with all things,I run it through the grid of the Bible.Some stuff is good,others…not so much.Spiritual discernment is there for a reason.As re; my earlier post on mistreatment by the government.We will of course suffer it for being Christian…a citizen of Heaven..but as we have dual citizenship,being Americans…We can appeal to our laws which were meant for a holy and just people.It doe’s take work,blood sometimes,sweat and tears,[not the group] keep us a free people.In every generation we need to be an accountable,and responsible people.It is us..who use spiritual discernment and wisdom and just laws who are the vanguard for our generation and the next ones.There is no America 2.This GREAT EXPERIMENT,as it was called by our framers..can only be kept,if God is first.We ALL need to be on our knee’s in continual repentance for OUR sin’s…and for the sin’s of ‘the people’…If we are serious with the Lord…perhaps in His divine mercy and providence..He may spare us for a season….and many more souls could be won for Jesus.

  4. dan.w says:

    I appreciate your thanks… your breath…you have some candles to blow out.