Silent No More: Barack Obama Urges Community Organizing in Response to Donald Trump

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  1. danw says:

    To the devil’s children,everything is reversed.To ‘create’ their ‘order’..they need to make dissorder.Biblical truth to them is a lie,because they love darkness rather than light…because their deeds are evil…They literally ARE Hell bent.We may be a wisker away from the rapture…because some people are no longer civil..nor do they pretent to even hide it.Our core is rotten,and it was God in His mercy that got Trump in,nothing else.He is the man we need for this hour when you see all what is transpiring around us.He could be [our] last real prez.God bless him.We make a fatal mistake when we think progressives,[read commie],just need more help seeing the ;errors’ of their ways…No,they know what they want,and how to try and get it.Destruction is their stock in trade..They produce nothing but misery and death is their calling card.Come Lord Jesus.

  2. danw says:

    Just letting you John and Georgeanne know…..since trusting Christ as Savior in 1987…this has got to be one of the finest,Biblical,REAL hope filled ministries going.You are well rounded as you cover all the bases on Spiritual,emotional and physical fronts.You affirm my love for the KJV,and,even though others in various ministries pooh,pooh it…I know it is the Living,Inspired Word of God.I have,in the past researched the translators for all the ‘versions’ used here in the U.S.The ‘translators’ of other versions at one point or another.They were perverts and God haters to one degree or another.The KJV on the other hand,was seen as a sacred trust,faithfully executed by the true love and fear of the Lord men.As the Jewish race faithfully record kept the Lords in the same Spirit of reverance and Holy respect,did the KJV translators do their wondrous work.This ministry has taught me alot..Hope I can share it constructively to others.Danw.