SPECIAL POST: About Health System and Cancer, Tying to what’s happening today!

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  1. dan.w says:

    This is spiritual warfare 101.Not politics,or man’s wisdom.We are surrounded from every side.Evil is ramped up against God.Men’s souls are the prize.If satan can kill someone by their own stupidity before the y ‘get saved’,he,[the evil one] will think he has check mated Crist sacrifice at the Cross…or if he can screw up our DNA and make us not quite human like the nephillim who are unredeemable.Note;…Jesus wins in the end.Be with Him and win as well.

  2. Clay says:

    This is nothing but God’s judgment on this evil world. Just as He used the flood in Genesis, how He used the Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, et al to judge the Israelites, – and many other instances of judgment throughout history against many nations – God is using these peoplle to execute His Judgment. God’s Word is inexorable – you can’t stop it, and you can’t change it. All you can do is make sure you and your loves are saved in the blood of Jesus Christ. He is coming soon!

  3. dan.w says:

    I believe that though ‘Trump won’ the election,God puts people in and removes them from positions of power.Trump had God’s blessing…until…he fastracked the death shot.He had evil people around him and so God was being longsuffering and merciful by letting Trump ‘lose’..because he [was] in my opinion…God’s man for a season.I believe he would have had a second term but the Lord set him off to the side and let dementia Joe take credit for all the medical miracles that will soon apparently take place…Death by medicine.Trump will NOT see a second term.Period.

  4. JohnMcTernan says:

    Thanks for posting this blog post. I received a great number of its.

  1. May 10, 2021

    […] SPECIAL POST: About Health System and Cancer, Tying to what’s happening today! …For decades, I referred to the modern medical institution as the Babylonian health system, and after watching this video, you will see I’m 100 percent correct. I’ve watched many videos in my life, not NONE have stunned me like this one: none! […]