Spineless creatures studied in DC swamp

3 Responses

  1. danw says:

    James White…I won’t say reverend..is a wolf.This is why one must be sure they are ‘born again’.A [cultural christian] is one in name only with absolutely no Holy Spirit regeneration ,power,spiritual discernment,or common sense,and will crumble under ‘The Lie’,because they have said NO to the Truth…which happen’s to be the one and only Jesus Christ.Our Jesus is the Lord,and all He declare’s from Scripture is true.’Their’ jesus..is a fake,shaped and molded around the opinion’s of Hell bound and lost man who have the wrath of God hanging over them like a death pall.Some may say..how dare you declare some lost.I say..fruit tree’s bear fruit,thorn bushes bear thorn’s.I make no judgment call..I tell it as it is.If one is leading someone from the true Christ..that person is anti-christ.

  2. danw says:

    Father God…Please ‘out’ the fake news media,and all those complicit in trying to protect evil and promote it.Just as in the Old Testament,bring confusion in the camps of those that hate You.Let them run endlessly in circles unless they turn to You…if they do,then bless them with even more Light.Encourage all those who are called by Your name,and make their labors a success as they follow and glorify You…in Christ’s name,Amen.

  3. Nick says:

    The violence toward children hurts my heart. Also, apostasy only increases. My prayer is for the Holy Spirit to take over the regions of darkness. Keep up the ministry, brother John. The truth needs to be told.