Storm chaser proposes to his boyfriend as Kansas tornado looms

3 Responses

  1. Dom says:

    Trump is mainly saying that internationally, people shouldn’t be thrown in jail or killed for being LGBT, a valid point.

    Rest assured, the President has again in 2019 not officially declared June as Gay Pride month in the USA, praise God.

    From a Progressive site…

    “Trump wants credit for acknowledging LGBTQ Pride Month, but he still didn’t proclaim it”

  2. dan.w says:

    Please pray that Mr.Trump gets ‘God’s’ take on homosexuality.Even though all sin is an affront to Him..This one sticks out and dares Him,[God] to react,or to punish.It is satan attacking God through His creation,with the ‘willing participants’as accomplices.God WILL bring total destruction if thats what it takes.The reprobate mind thinks black is white,up is down,and God is evil…therefore this judgment will be ‘their picnic’…Unfortunately,others will suffer because sin has a collateral effect.I DO NOT wish evil on anyone…but when the Lord metes out what He will,when He whom He wills…I get out of the way…….We are far past full on the sin meter..ripe for judgment…and I’m not happy at all about it…makes me sick.God has had His fill of mocking…you can see it in the revolt of His creation and nature.God bless all you LIVING saints..and to the ‘aints’…I say…repent..the fire is hot,the worm is hungry..and you are on the menu.

  3. dan.w says:

    Dear Mr.Trump…If you continue supporting the homosexual juggernaut …you may only be a one term president.Turn from this evil..and choose the Lord’s of righteousness and Godly judgment.You’ve done many great things…but this endorsement of homosexuality will not ‘play well’..before a Holy God.