Swedish Bishop Claims ‘More in Common with Muslims’ Than ‘Right-Wing Christians

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  1. dan.w says:

    The world..and America in particular..are in a set-up freefall.We are,for all practical purposes,in a soft coup against the will of those who helped elect our president,against our system of law and order,[the constitution],and against the president himself.We are also,at the same time,in a civil war.If you think you have to wait for bullet’s to fly…where were you when our student’s/citizen’s were indoctrinated for the last 100+ year’s?,via satan’s media in print,in music,in poetry,in ‘school curriculum’..even in the seminarie’s.The world is ripe for a global leader,i.e. the antichrist.No country can secure it’s border..and most people could care less.Illegal’s are purposely being dumped on all nation’s,[including our’s]..to destabilize and topple nation’s because [The cure]..is waiting in the wing’s….World government under one head…One evil ugly head.Trump cannot catch a break…He must be God’s man to be opposed for caring about our country and doing right.I’ve never seen so much opposition..but then I see how brain dead those who hate him are.They are spoon fed…no,make that shovel fed the drivel from satan’s pig trough through lie’s and distortion.Clinton’s,Obammy,even the globalist Bushnick’s get a free pass.They hate Trump because God raised him up….period.Well,for me and my house..I keep praying for him.He need’s it.FYI…His birthday is flag day,[june 14]…I sent him a card to encourage him.If you care about the man..God’s man….I welcome you out there in blogland to send him a thank you,or birthday greeting.Some people get upset when he tweet’s..Why can’t he..no one say’s anything when Hellery erased all her e-mail’s.They also don’t like his name calling..I say..to them..quit acting like a dumb duffus..and maybe the name won’t fit.Go Donald,go!!!! I’m darn honored to have you as my president.There will never again this way…pass anyone like you…soooo you know time is almost up.