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Battle of Gettysburg – Great Prayer by Abraham Lincoln

This is the 153rd anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. I’ve found great information about Abraham Lincoln turning to the Lord after this battle. He declared July 15, 1863 as a day of national prayer and invoked the Holy Spirit to subdue the anger of the nation. What a contrast today with Obama who seems to love Islam and allah, and is working day and night to divide us and destroy the nation.
May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you.

‘Make America Mexico Again’: We Warned You About America-Hating Mobs

There is a dangerous and growing group in America that hates the nation and its people, and wants to destroy both. They are a potpourri of Hard Left groups that have one goal and that is to destroy America. One of these goals is to physically divide America by uniting parts, such as California or the Southwest, with Mexico. This is called Aztlán or reconquista and I watched them attacking the recent Donald Trump meeting in California. If you see the Mexican Flag flying at a protest, then most likely the are reconquistas. They refer to America as Aztlan, the land of the Aztecs. These are but a sample of the people that are at work to destroy America.
The danger is that as Obama pursues dividing Israel, God might turn America over the reconquistas for judgment, to match what America is doing to Israel. America is now under severe judgment by the Lord with a weak and powerless church which refuses to intercede before God. There are great social, political and economic dangers dead ahead, along with the possibility of war with Russia and/or China.