Battle of Gettysburg – Great Prayer by Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Denise in MI says:

    Oh, THAT Gettysburg post, lol. (The others were well worth reading again.) I guess it got into my email box late. I very much enjoyed it and I think Bill Federer is a good Christian man. I’ve watched his program and read his articles on WMD.

    Very sad about “God Bless America.” I thought the atheist was full of himself, but I think that’s part of the definition of ‘atheist.’ 🙂
    Would these people rather hear Obama’s pastor Wright ask God to “damn America?” Next you won’t be able to say “God bless you” when someone sneezes, b/c that would be singling someone out for blessing. I thought Obama and the pope said we all pray to the same God, so who could be offended? Oh, yes, America isn’t supposed to stand out as special any more, even though everyone in the world wants to come here, legally or not. When I acted “too big for my britches” my parents said I was just asking for a spanking; well our country thinks they can do without God and are just asking for judgment.

    Also sad about the kids being made to feel guilty for being white. How dare people assume they are more privileged just because of the color of their skin. We’ve done a whole 180 on that one! We have plenty of poor white folks. Plus, though I grew up with white skin, one great-grandma was half Black and one was full Native America, so I would have had a great time making a stink about their treatment if I were still in school! Isn’t it reverse discrimination/prejudice to assume such things about children? No wonder we have failing schools; kids aren’t learning the 3 R’s any more but social justice and feeling good about themselves (unless they are white) no matter what, without consequences. Time for home schooling, people, even if you have to move to a smaller place and make even more sacrifices. Your kids are worth it.

    Thanks for the good news about the pastor standing up for God and the Buddhists getting saved. I wish such stories weren’t so few and far between. Thank you for keeping us informed. Sorry this got so long, but I could have gone on more! 🙂

  2. Dan.w says:

    Abe Lincoln was the only president to have built the log cabin he was born in…..just seeing who’s paying attention.Seriously,thank you brother John for giving us all the truth and new’s.Mr.Lincoln was a great one.If the stories about him were only half true,it would still be hard to believe.God had his hand on his life.He was a fine man for an hour in our history that the Lord used.Him and George Washington were marvel’s.They were real men.George later recanted his masonic tie’s,which did not go over very well.Reading real history about these two men will give you a fresh awareness of God,and His concern for those who love Him and call on His name.Washington had two horses shot from beneath him,his riding coat had so many bullet hole in it,the people,indians included who shot knew he was special and protected.Thank you Father God for your protection and mercy in the past,present,and I pray…future,Please give us more men and women in leadership and servant area’s like these,Amen

  3. Maria L says:

    Praise the Lord – 200,000 saved. Praise the Lord o my soul for his mercy endureth forever. My heart rejoices for them.

    • Dave says:

      I am familiar with the works of ministries in that land and the workers tell me the same thing. I’d be wary of news like such unless there’s fruit of repentance and evidenced by the new birth and regeneration through the work of the Holy Spirit. Accepting Jesus to a Tibetan and in their context usually means something else. The comments from the news source would be very telling especially by people who’s been involved there.

  4. My dear faithful brother and fellow son of the Most High, Psalm 82:6.

    Thank you for being faithful and letting your skills be the Vesselship of our Lord. Be ye faithful…..