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#PedoGate: Elite Government Pedophile Ring Exposed by Dr. Phil on Mainstream TV

This is a truly horrific story that seems almost unbelievable. But for those who closely follow these crimes against children, it confirms reports that have been leaking out for years from numerous sources. Aside from that, Dr. Phil has backed this story after a lengthy investigation by his team, and his reputation alone is enough to give this credibility…
It will cause revulsion, and rightly so, if anyone has a heart at all for God, his Word or the children who are being victimized.
But if we’re not aware of how deep this sickness and corruption runs, then we’re not in a position to oppose it in any way we can, including prayer that God will pour out his justice and mercy for the victims. That’s why it’s the only subject covered in this post, because it’s so important.