Ted Cruz threatens Yale Law School with lawsuit over blacklisting of Christian groups

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  1. dan.w says:

    Pelosi looks like she’s trying to put a hex on us with that pic…sorry Nan…it won’t work.Thank You Father God for bringing light to the swamp-thang’s….Pull the lid off the garbage can and tip it over so whatever is in there can crawl out.We need bold pastor’s and bold believer’s in Jesus…no matter if you are a housewife,the man next door,a young person who love’s Christ…it is our time to stand strong in the truth of God.The occult,false religion’s and pretty little package’s filled with the world’s good’s that will pass away vie for our time and attention.Let us not look back to former thing’s but look ahead..march on with direct purpose in our heart’s and step’s..bringing the Gospel to bear on all thing’s..with kindness and all sureness…Because we know in whom we believe…C’mon men..[women too]..let’s march on for Jesus…holding out the Word of Life……The real gift is also the giver…Jesus.

  2. Jackie says:


    It’s something everyday. Unbelievable how fast evil takes hold of a person and they turn into lunatics …. This guy didn’t have far to turn.


  3. dan.w says:

    Wow..what a nut farm that mayor is.The only thing he own’s is judgment from the Living God.

  4. dan.w says:

    The mayor of New York has the I.Q. of a used candy wrapper..and unfortunately also so has gone half the country.Who with a real brain in their head would ‘vote’ democrat or socialist…No one I know of.He need’s med’s..because I think his fate is already sealed.

  5. dan.w says:

    I love how Trump gives the demonrats fits…He is just giving them what they want.They can’t win because their diapers are so full of liberal poo,it slows them down.God bless you MY president…and no…you don’t have to change their diaper..thats their ‘professors job.

  6. Jackie says:

    I cannot understand how this is even allowed! Why would a parent be allowed to have this done to their child? I would think this would be child abuse. You certainly don’t hear about this on the nightly news.

    There are days when I just wonder, what and when did we lose our ever loving minds!!
    I am so so ready for Jesus to return


  7. dan.w says:

    In reality…it doesn’t take a lot of us to be salt and light. Just one Christian surrendered to Christ in a room full of people can do it..Or,..one to one.For me,people seem more open to receiving truth when talking one to one.The Lord never fail’s to give just the right word for them.In at least 95% of the time,the Gospel outreach to them is appreciated.They receive it with great joy because they sense the heart behind it.Ask Jesus to ‘give you His eye’s’ when reaching a lost person.It will seem to open up before you..and in reality what you will see is Jesus working…For the other 5%…still pray for them Perhap’s you just planted a seed that may take a while to grow….but God’s seed is never wasted. We get to be God’s ambassador for Christ……..take that in for a while.Just think..God is trusting YOU….with His eternal plan to be offered to someone…….What an honor.