The Hard Left has a suicidal death wish

Refugees Welcome protesters in Germany

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  1. Dan.w says:

    I’m so thankful to you and your ‘team’,brother John.You don’t tell us smooth thing’s,but unvarnished truth.WOW cannot be said often enough or overstated in that the reprobate mind is of another mind.It is suicidal because satan is at their controls,and all he knows is misery and death.They are like kamakazi flyers,only the kamakazi had something real to die for,the left and the lost,[lost conservatives as well] are dying for nothing,and they don’t have to.Everyday,I tell Jesus how thankful I am,because He saved me from my own worst enemy….myself.A person must have their eye’s painted shut,in order not to see evil all around.Thank you Jesus my Savior for wanting me and giving me faithful brethren,such as all these on this site.Please continue to encourage and bless them as only You could,Amen.

  2. Denise in MI says:

    “The woman posted an apology on her Facebook page to the three men who raped her, blaming their actions on the “racist” atmosphere and “sexist society” in Germany, beginning the post with, “Dear male refugees, I am so sorry!”

    Where is the outrage of feminists? First it was blaming the victim—dressing provocatively, bringing up her sexual history, etc. Isn’t THAT a sign of a “sexist society?” This lady is a masochist. Where are the men in her life to defend her honor? Rape is not a response to racism; it isn’t even about lust. It’s all about power over women, especial infidels, and Muslim males learn that in the cradle.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Entire countries in Europe now think like this woman! And, there are lots here in America who are just like her.
      Europe is about to fall to Islam as God has given this corrupt society over to judgment.
      With spiritual eyes we can see this whole think unfolding before our eyes!

  3. Dan.w says:

    What you say is fact brother John.This country already has the defeated mindset,you can see it by who is in the whitehouse.We have serial rapists,murderers,liars and hooligans running the show,have been for years.We gave up our Bibles,bodies,parental rights,and our freedom for ‘peace and safety’.We are deserving of neither because Jesus was thrown under the bus by christian in name only’s.We have collectively withdrawn our ‘light’ from culture,and refused to read the Bible for ourselves,so it is watered down,tampered with,and spoonfed via missapplication by false teachers who see us as stupid cashcows waiting for the next milking so they can fly their personal jets and hose God’s money on their bloated selves.You,on the other hand brother,stand as a true light in this present hour of bleakness.No muslim or criminal or govt.will get to touch my wife.God gave her to me as a sacred trust and I pity the fool who tries.Evil needs no reason…This world is spinning faster like an out of balance flywheel,waiting to explode.This site gives me great peace,because Jesus inhabits the prayers of His people.He’s coming soon folk’s…just hold on.