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  1. danw says:

    The left is insane.You cannot reason with one who takes truth out of the picture.This is 1984 stuff…doublespeak.Their rules are fluid,designed to trap us,like a fly in a spider web.Free speech should remain by all rights……..SIN…now that should be outlawed.All God haters should be banished to the islamic country of their choice with no chance of returning,except they repent and believe the Gospel of Christ,and receive the grace we all need.

  2. danw says:

    I hate war.We,however have been at war with God since ‘the fall’.More people have died in [peace time],in their own every nation including ours..then at war with any nation on earth to present.Just think .abortion.A war on the innocent.Their crime?..Just wanting to be born.As much as I don’t want to see N.K. or Iran fly one over us…I much more fear a Holy God who dosn’t need nukes…but can send fire from Heaven on any land He chooses..because He see’s fit to rightfully punish a nation that has had more than enough time to repent…but instead laughs at Him.Hellery or Bill ‘The Zipper’ don’t scare me.They have to deal with Christ before they deal with me.What I fear is that America is near the end of her ‘grace period’.You can sense it…I know I can.It’s nothing you can grab hold of and say…see!!!!…but it’s there none the less.God bless all you living saints.