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  1. danw says:

    We not only need to be on the watch,[proactive],about obama aka Barry,but like you said,Soro’s,and especially the tagteam of hellery and zipper bill.They are not done either.The globalist’s use the left,stir the pot setting group against group because that’s satan’s tactic..trying to make chao’s and get us to be a police state.The shadow govt’s..yes,they are real,want dissorder so they can rise from the ashes with a ‘new world order’ which isn’t new,it’s as old as the rebellion in the Garden.It’s a matter of..who get’s the police as their power arm.?Will it be the righteous who hold the reigns..or will the globalist’s jackbooted marxist’s thug’s graft them into their fold.This IS a Spiritual battle we can only win when tuned into God’s program.Remember,we may most likely lose the battle…but we win the war.With the ‘conservatives’ holding all the card’s..we will soon see who the rhino’s are.Now is not the time to sit this out.The gates of Hell are opening to unleash things we have never seen.Wear your spiritual armor,Stay close to the Lord.